male migrant worker posing for the camera while standing in front of farm

Tyrone J., Guest worker at Nature Fresh Farms

“The people at Nature Fresh Farms will listen when you’ve got something to say.”

About 14 years ago, Tyrone J. decided to stop working in his home country of Jamaica and join Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program in the agricultural sector. And for the entirety of his 14 years with the Canadian TFW Program, Tyrone has been a member of the Nature Fresh Farms team!

Back in Jamaica, Tyrone was doing a different job than what he does now in Canada: “I was working at a hardware store for a while, but I wanted to get better financial support, so that’s why I decided to come to Canada and work. At the time, I also wanted to see what it was like in a different country.”

With 14 years of work experience with Nature Fresh Farms, Tyrone has a good understanding of what this company is all about: “Nature Fresh Farms is a good company that treats people really nice. The people here are easy to talk to and will listen when you’ve got something to say – I really appreciate that. It’s a good feeling to be here, and my family is happy I’m working here, as well.”

Speaking of family: Tyrone has a teenage son and twin daughters who will be turning 1 year old in September! When he isn’t spending time talking or visiting with his family, Tyrone also enjoys watching movies and following sports like basketball and soccer.

Each day, Tyrone works alongside his fellow team members to perform a variety of crop maintenance tasks. For Tyrone, it’s also important to be on time, be respectful, and be yourself while at work. Tyrone is one of our #GrowToPeople!