Migrant worker in front of greenhouse

Paulino, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

Seasonal Agriculture Worker from Mexico

Hello friends. My name is Paulino and I come from the state of Guerrero, Mexico. I’ve been in this program for approximately 13 years and have been at DC Farms about eight years. As a worker, I have a lot of experience with cucumber and eggplant.

Back home, I am a musician. I play the trumpet in a band. I bring my trumpet to Canada with me and try to play every day. Aside from the music, since I was a kid, I have worked as a shoe shiner. I shine people’s shoes in the downtown area.

When I come here, my family are happy. This is the only way we can get by, more or less.

It is very nice here. Canada is very beautiful by its nature, deer, rabbits, turtles and everything that is nature - all is green. Yes, the green from nature is very beautiful.

Paulino, Seasonal Agriculture Worker from Mexico, working at DC Farms