Migrant farm worker looking at the camera in a greenhouse

Neil, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Trinidad and Tobago

I’m Neil and it’s my 11th year coming to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago. Ever since high school, I’ve always liked farming. My uncle came to Canada to work for about 33 years too so I knew about the program from him. I’ve always worked on this same farm. It’s a greenhouse that specializes in growing strawberry plants.

Normally, we come from the beginning of March until the end of October. This year, though, the business is expanding so we’ll likely stay until mid-November.

Before I came to Canada, I worked as a security officer – both at the University of the West Indies and at Piarco International Airport. Now when I’m home, I do roofing as a sub-contractor.

Back home, I have a fiancée and a seven year old daughter. We don’t have a wedding date set yet but hopefully soon. Someday, I really hope they can visit Canada.

I’ve learned so much since coming here. The farmers are always so willing to show us everything they know. They’ve really helped to build my confidence in doing the work that I do here. I’ve also got a great team of coworkers. We enjoy being together.