male migrant worker standing in orchard, smiling at camera

Myron, Fruit Orchard Employee and Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

I’ve been coming here since 2008 and always coming to this farm. Because this is the first farm and I don’t find any fault with it so that’s the reason I’m here. As long as the boss is good to me, I’m still going to be here!

Back home in Jamaica, I did some farming – planted yams and raised animals. So this program made sense. Sometimes I come in February. This year I came on the 25th of March. Last year during COVID, it was different. We just stayed on the farm and didn’t go anywhere. Our boss did some shopping for us and we stayed safe. This year, we’ve gotten our two shots already. It feels good.

When we come here in March, we do some pruning on the grapes and select the better shoots to tie down so they can start to grow. Now we’re into harvest with cherries, apricots and peaches. Apricots are my favourite fruit but I eat some peaches at times. My family is doing OK, you know. I’ve got three daughters. They’re grown up. The oldest is 26. I don’t have any grandbabies yet that I know of! I talk to them most days.

For fun, I watch some shows and play dominoes. I don’t know if I’m really good but I can play.