migrant farm worker posing for camera

Meet Zico, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Barbados

My name is Zico, I am from Barbados. I have been coming here for two years now. Barbados is a cricket nation but football in Barbados is growing. It is getting better and it really means a lot, it is getting a lot of youngsters off the block (out of trouble).

I love everything about football. My father was a footballer, so it was passed down. I started playing football in class three. First I was a runner, a sprinter. Then I dropped running and I played cricket then I played football. I like football because it is a more physical game.

The farm I am working on has its own football team. I came up late to this farm last year, in September so this year is my first year on the team. I play midfield. I run a lot, I can pass, I’m a ball carrier and I help defend.

As an active person I like to work out. I am a sports person, anything with sports I love. I would rather play football then go to the bar.

I heard about the Seasonal Worker Program from a friend. It was a good opportunity to come to Canada and work with Barbados being so hard right now to find jobs and stuff. At home I do a bit of everything, landscaping, construction and tiling.