female migrant worker smiles in greenhouse

Meet Wanwipa, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Thailand

My name is Wanwipa and I work at Truly Green Farm. I am working in the greenhouse and am a crop worker. I am the Thai leader sometimes, and I also translate English for my Thai people.

I chose to come to Canada because it is a nice country. It is a good place to find a job making good money. I came here in 2006 and have gone back because we have three-year contracts. After I renew my contract, I can go back and visit my family for about three months and then come back. All my time here together is about 10 years.

My family back home is doing very well. My Mom is happy and stays with my son and they are together. My son just got a new job, he is 24.

I enjoy living in Canada, if I have a chance, I would like to live here permanently because it is a good place, and I can make more money to send home to support my family.

What I love most about my job is helping my people, my Thai friends. They don’t understand English very well and I am very willing to help them. I really enjoy this. This company is very good. They treat the workers very well and I also love Canada. All the people here work together, we all come from different countries. We have fun when we work. We joke, we talk, and this helps us to forget when we are homesick.