farm worker poses for camera

Meet Vidal, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

I am Vidal and I am from Veracruz, Mexico. I have been working for nine seasons here in Canada. In the four seasons I have been on this farm, I have mainly worked packaging potatoes.

It was excellent that Brenn-B Farms (the farm) put in a team for the soccer tournament. For me it was excellent because we had a lot of fun and we did an activity that we normally don’t do. It was different than working and we got to see a new place. We ran and we had so much fun. By the end of the day we had played like four or five games and we were so tired that coming back on the bus, most of us were sleeping.

I don’t get to play much soccer at home, but when there is a chance to play with friends a “cascarita” as we say, then we play.

In Mexico I work construction and farming. I have a small farm at home in Mexico where I have some avocado, mango, lemon trees, and one coconut tree. I have two kids-19 and 12. They help take care of the farm when I am here. I am very proud of both of them. My 19 year old is going to present his admission exam to enter college this year; he wants to be a systems engineer.

I am happy here. I like to come to work here and then go back home. It is not too hard for me to come here when I know I get to go back home.

The More than a Migrant Worker program attended the Farms of Norfolk Football Association tournament in 2023 where 12 teams of seasonal workers from local farms competed against each other. We then interviewed some of the players about the games and their work in Canada.