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Meet Terry, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Trinidad and Tobago

I’m Terry Lewis and I am from Trinidad and Tobago. This is the sixth year that I have been coming to Canada. Back home where I am from, employment is kind of rough; it is hard to get. I was seeking a good opportunity because I have a family, I have kids and I heard about the farm program. I followed up and here I am.

I’ve got three beautiful daughters and my mom back home. I make a really big sacrifice coming out here and leaving them. I would like to see them every single day, it’s really hard. Now I can only video chat with them to see them but at the end of the day you have to sacrifice one thing to get to the next. I am trying to make a better life for them.

My daughters are Terry-Ann who is seven, Temelia is five and Terrice is three. The two youngest, the three year old and five year old, are actually born on the same day of the same month.

This year I am going to make an even bigger sacrifice. I am trying to also get into winter work, which would be a big step in my sacrifice for my girls.

This is my second year at Schuyler Farms and my first time on their soccer team. I’m the keeper (goalie).I only played school football back home, here we play in tournaments and against other farms. My games before weren’t as big as these. With all the people and supporters and music it makes you feel like you are in an international tournament, it builds your confidence.

My best play of the tournament day was the save that I made in the penalty shoot-out. I was nervous at that point it time but I was like ‘God is with me, and I am going to get this done’. I got it all wrapped up and our team was victorious at the end of it.

The guys that I have played with here are amazing. We sometimes play against each other on the grounds that Schuylers have and it is fun. It’s great that other than just working, you can come and have some good leisure time with the guys that you are working with.