farm worker poses for camera

Meet Steve, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

Hi, I am Steve Rowe, from the center of Jamaica. I have been working in Canada for nearly two decades now.

I do just about everything on the farm. I do a little spraying, cut the grass, prune the peaches, thin the peaches, pick the peaches, and sometimes I work in the factory where they process the cherries, too.

Coming here has helped me achieve lots of things. It’s a good program; it has helped many of us put food on the table. Because I work here, I can build a little cottage, buy a little car and have some savings in the bank back home. Spending seven months on the farm is hard when you are far away from home. My family is back in Jamaica; my wife Melanie and I have two kids and four grandkids.

After work, I like to cook. When I am back home, my wife cooks, but when I am here, I love to cook for myself. I love to prepare my meals, especially ribs and jerk chicken. I like cooking for other people too, like when your meal is so good everyone is licking their fingers after. I prefer Jamaican food, but there is one food that I really like here, I really like lasagna.

Other things I like about Canada? I enjoy visiting tourist attractions and Niagara Falls. You know that wheel? That big wheel that goes around in circles? A Ferris Wheel? Ya! That’s lovely, but it’s scary.