male farm worker holding soccer ball

Meet Síven, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

My name is Síven, I am from the Parish of St. Catherine in Jamaica. This is my second year coming to Canada. I am here to get some different experiences like the weather and the different types of work.

The word jovial defines my character. I try to be happy, I love to see people happy, and I would do anything to make people happy, I always try to motivate myself and keep a smile on my face. I am jovial right through!

Back home I am physical education teacher. I graduated college in 2018. At home I taught Phys Ed., was a gym instructor, fitness trainer and soccer official. I do everything to do with sports. In my family 90 percent of us are teachers. For me though I realized, I can teach at any age. Right now what I want to be able to do, I can achieve here.

I am actually on a soccer team at the farm here in Canada. When I first came here I was so astonished that there was a soccer team at the farm. I heard about it and right away got myself a pair of soccer shoes and started practicing, practicing, practicing. I am a center back. Coach really saw what I can do, and decided to put me in because of my hard work, time and training. I have never experienced this coming to a farm, knowing that we are going to work hard and also have something to enjoy and relax our mind.

At home I have a daughter on the way. She is due in October. I have to miss her birth because I am here. It is not good, but I do what I have to do to take care of them. I would love to be there when she is born but it will be a good welcome home. I’m really, really excited to go back home this year.