farm worker sits in tractor

Meet Rohan, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

There was only a little work back home as a youngster, so our MPs, the politicians, hand out cards in the community. The cards had information about the Seasonal Worker Program, and there are few opportunities back home, so I tried the opportunity to come to Canada.

I enjoy working here with my friends from back home; we have been coming together for a while, which is lovely.

Our homes here in Canada are comfortable; we live in a house with separate rooms. We all cook and share food; you might be cooking rice, and someone else is cooking dumplings, soup, curried goat, or oxtail. The scents are so wonderful; you always want what he is cooking, and he likes what you are cooking, so we all share.

At our Canadian church, we show them how we like to cook: how to deep roast a chicken, make rice and peas with dried peas, not from a tin and how to make rice in a pot so it is shelly and not soft. It’s a good feeling going to teach them this.

I have a wife and two kids, a boy and a girl. Back home, it is hard to support my family, but working here allows me to better provide for them while sending my kids to college. Technology helps me stay connected with my family and see what’s happening back home.