male farm employee smiles for camera

Meet Rogelio, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

My name is Rogelio Gamboa. I am from Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, in Mexico. For 13 years I have been working here for Brenn-B Farms. Every year I come in April and I go back in the middle of December. At home I have my wife and my two daughters, my youngest is 10 months old…she is little. My older daughter is 10 years old. It is very, very hard to be away from them, I miss them a lot and I am also missing a lot of moments, spending time with them. I am happy working here and I do my work with enthusiasm, working hard to move my family forward but I am glad I can video call them every day.

At home in Mexico I have a small furniture business for parties. I invest in my business to buy tables, canopies, inflatables and that… I live from that income when I am home. When I am here my wife runs the business. It was hard for her at the beginning, taking care of everything, but we have two employees now.

When I am not working I like to play soccer. I really like soccer and here with my co-workers at the farm, we made a team. Already in the past years that I have been here working on the farm, we have been playing soccer. This year though, we played in a soccer tournament for the farm workers. I liked it a lot. It was a good distraction for me. I enjoyed spending time with some colleagues that work in different farms and with my co-workers. It helps to get out of the routine of just work; it is a good distraction. It is something I can play here and back home.