Jamaican worker kneels in farm field

Meet Rayon, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

My name is Rayon, I am from Jamaica. My first trip to Canada was the sixth of June, 2001 and I have been coming every year since. I have always worked for the same farm. When it has been 23 years and you keep coming back, you are doing it because you love it and that is the truth. This farm treats us well and I’m going to keep doing this for another 23 years [laughing].

I am from the country in Jamaica, I am a country boy. So working on this farm in Canada is nice, I don’t like the city; I like space and when you’re living in the city you don’t have space. It’s a nice environment around here and I love working outside; the only thing I don’t like is the cold. I’m from a tropical country so I like the heat.

Being from the country back home, I grow Gungo peas, corn and peppers. On this farm, the boss only plants a variety of beans and peas now; I remember a long time ago he used to plant tomatoes, cauliflower, peppers, zucchini and some other vegetables. We plant less crops now but that means we can go home sooner and see our families.

When I am here I’m working like crazy, so when I go home I relax, I do my little garden and spend time with my wife Chereen and my son Randean. He is going to be 15 in November.

Farming here is harder than farming back home but you make money and that’s what you’re here for. We work hard every day and I look forward to being here every year. I think this farm is one of the best. We have no problems and everyone gets along. I have been able to build my house off this farm, bought my car and now I am sending my son to high school. I am able to take care of my family; all that I have is from this farm.