female greenhouse worker

Meet Rattana, Temporary Foreign Worker from Thailand

My job on this farm is picking and packing the strawberries. Sometimes, I care for the plants, like collecting the runners from the strawberry plants and de-leafing (removing extra leaves). I enjoy picking strawberries, but the best part of being here is that I have good coworkers and a good boss.

Coming to Canada is good because there is better pay than working in Thailand. Working in Canada helps with my big goal of making money to support my family in Thailand. I am married and have a girl and two boys. I also help care for six of my nephews. I have family in Canada, too; my aunt works here, too. I have a small local store in Thailand that takes a lot of work.

I want to show the Canadian people the Thai culture and that our lives are really different in Thailand. The culture and food are different from here. Working here and making Canadian friends, it’s been lovely to share our culture with them.

I spend my weekends cooking and having little parties at the house. I also like to listen to music and call my family back home.