male farm employee smiling for camera

Meet Perry, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

My name is Perry Richards and I’m from th­e Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. I’ve been coming to Canada for around 29 years but working here for 17 years.

It’s helpful to us to be here. It’s helpful to my family; helpful to get my kids through school. I have a wife, two kids – a boy and a girl. They’re grown up now and I have two grandkids. My kids were born after I started travelling. My wife sacrifices a lot to let me come here. Out of this, I built my home, have a nice car and so forth.

When I go back home, I have a little farm. I raise pigs and I raise cows. It’s small – just to keep the family going.

I’m going home for the season in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see my wife, look around the place and see my animals. I talk to my wife every evening after work. We sit and have a long conversation.