female farm worker smiles in greenhouse

Meet Nataliia, Farm Worker from Ukraine

My name is Nataliia Buina and we are in our perfect farm, Truly Green. I have worked here almost six years. I started here in August 2017. I came to Canada from Ukraine.

We decided to come to Canada because of the war in Ukraine that was happening in 2014. We decided to find a perfect country for safety and live here like a happy family. We waited for five years to get to Canada. We tried a lot of way and we decided to get a study permit for my husband and a work permit for me and a study permit for my kids because they were young.

When I came to this farm I didn’t know English very well and only knew a couple of words. At first, it was not easy for me to learn everything and to understand everything. I did a very good job, I worked very hard and I went to school in the language centre and I am still there to complete my high level training. I do my best!

I have two kids, my son is 23 years old and my daughter is 16.

When I came to work here, I was a packer where I learned a lot about quality and quantity and I got a position as a quality line expeditor. I now check the quality before shipping.

We got good news that my family from Ukraine is coming tomorrow. My sister and niece will arrive tomorrow and then my daughter-in-law arrives the next week and I have never seen her before. This will be the first time I have met her, and I am so excited!

I came to Canada as a temporary worker, and we applied for permanent residency here. Last year we got permanent residency and bought a house. I love Chatham, I love Canada and I love the people. The people are so friendly and nice.