male farm worker standing in greenhouse

Meet Nan, Temporary Foreign Worker from Thailand

My name is Wassana, but most people here call me Nan. I come from Thailand. This year makes it seven years since I have been coming to Canada. My job here is picking and packing strawberries, but my favourite part is picking them. This is because it is a beautiful fruit; looking at the strawberries as I pick them makes me feel calm and cool, even on hot days.

I chose to work in Canada for a few reasons. The first is the cost of living and the benefits, and the second is the better pay, which allows me to get more money to support my family back home. The third reason is I can actually save money, which is really hard in Thailand because of lower pay than in Canada.

For me, the decision to work in Canada was not hard. It’s easy for me to be here because my family members are here to support me. Back home, I have a family of four: My parents, younger sister, and myself. Neither of us sisters are married.

I feel good working here, at this farm. This is a new greenhouse for me, and it is not too big, but I believe in the future, we will be bigger and better. Everything is good here. I have a good employer, and they are really kind to us. In our free time here we usually go fishing, play sports or go out to have some food. Also, shopping is a thing to do for relaxing too. Any activities we can do to make us happy after work. If I could tell Canadians something, it would be that I would like to share Thai culture and Thai food with Canadians. I want them to know more about Thai culture and traditions.