farm worker sits in tractor

Meet Markaldy, Seasonal Agricultural

My name is Markaldy Eubanks; I’m from Jamaica, working in Vineland, Ontario, at Cherry Lane. We are a family here; we love the farm owners, and they love us too. When I’m on the farm in Canada, I feel at home; I only miss my family.

When I arrive in Canada each April, I prune the trees and help with irrigation (we water the fruit). I also help thin the trees. After completing the fieldwork, we move to the cherry factory, making juice. After the cherry season is done, we help with harvesting peaches.

Back home, I also farm, producing Blue Mountain Peak Coffee.

I came to Canada because I have three children and a wife. I love them a lot; I arrive to make money and provide them a better education and jobs.

I would like Canadians to know this is a good program. We come here to do a lot of work for the Canadians, and I see Canadians taking good care of Jamaican workers, and I like that. I am very proud; I love Canada.