male migrant worker kneeling in farm field while smiling for camera

Meet Mario, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

My name is Mario Guzmán. I am from Mexico and I have been coming to Canada for 11 years and have worked here for nine. I decided to come to Canada to make some progress with the family; to be able to give our family what they need and to have opportunities that we did not have before. We have taken this opportunity for our family to get ahead.

I have a wife and three children. We take this risk so that our families can have a better life. There are some things that myself and coworkers are at risk for, but it is part of life and we must move on.

Here, we grow the grapes and take care of the plants so that year after year they produce. At the end of the season, we do the harvest and make juice.

Canada is nice, the pace of life, the lifestyle. The opportunity that this country gives to us, as we come from other countries, this opportunity is appreciated.