male migrant worker standing for camera in farm field

Meet Luiz, Seasonal Agriculture Worker from Mexico

My name is Luiz Rodriguez.  I come from the state of Veracruz, Mexico. I have been coming to Canada for 22 years, 14 on this market garden farm.

My first reason to come to Canada is to give my family – my wife and children –  a better life. The sacrifices that each of us have had to make are difficult. Just imagine six to seven months away from them. It’s hard.

My oldest daughter is studying child psychology at university. My other daughter is in high school and I have my mother and my wife. I am very proud of all of them.

Why do I like Canada? Of the years I have coming to Canada I have built great friendships. They are just like you, very caring, very friendly.  Something that I can say is that because we come from a different culture, people may wonder how we are, but the truth is that Canadians are very friendly no matter who you are or your status. Often happens that we cannot speak English, but they try to communicate, they open themselves to spend time with us. I would like to thank Canada for letting me come and find what I have been looking for. Especially good friends from both, Mexico and Canada.