migrant worker smiling in greenhouse

Meet Little Andre, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

My name is Andre, and I am from Jamaica. I have been coming here for six years. I am an operator on the truck that moves tomatoes. I came to Canada to make life easier for me and my kids. My dream for my kids is to not live the same life as I do, I want to make it better for them.

Growing up my father was not around. I grew up with my Auntie, Grandmother and Grandfather and some older cousins and my Mom. I saw my father for the first time when I was about 12-13 years old. I had to stop going to school when I just turned 15 because it was so hard for my Mom to have the finances for me to go to school. I had to stop so my two smaller sisters could go. Things were not easy back then; it is better now. It is easier now because I am coming to Canada and my siblings have got bigger and everyone has started to work which makes things much easier now.

The reason I came to Canada is because I want to own a home.

Working in Canada allows me to share things with people back home, the money I make is more valuable there. This gives me the opportunity to see more things outside of Jamaica and have exposure to new things. I didn’t have any experience in greenhouses and working with people outside of the nation. Coming here and working and mixing with other people is a good thing so you can learn to appreciate people more.

It is great working at Truly Green, this is the only place I have worked in Canada, and I feel welcome here.