migrant worker smiling in greenhouse

Meet Leroy, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

This is my fourth season. First, I was a crop worker, now I am a picker. I pick Campari tomatoes.

Jamaica is a poor country, to come to Canada is a better life for us. Farm work is the best thing to go into to take care of your family and make yourself a bit of money.

In Jamaica, I was a construction worker and tradesman. I built homes. When I go home now, I spend time with my family, eight months is a long time to be away. It is just time with my wife now when I go home.

I have a beautiful family back home. My wife, Susette Gregorio, is a beautiful lady. I love her so much and I miss her. I also have my little sister who lives as home with us in Jamaica. My family is beautiful, and they miss me a lot.

My job keeps me active. It keeps me going because I am a guy who thinks it is never enough. I have a good team, they are beautiful. My team always wants me to give them more.

When I’m not working in the greenhouses, I sleep! I watch movies. I don’t play, my playing is in the greenhouses.

I am a hard worker. When I leave Jamaica to come here, it is all about working. I make sure I get out there and my supervisors are pleased with my work quality.