male farm employee posing for camera

Meet Leon, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

I’m from Jamaica in the West Indies and I’ve been coming here since 1990 – 34 seasons. I come here to work and to support my family back home. In Jamaica, I have my own small farm. I grow cabbage and yam – those kinds of things. My neighbours and friends look after the farm when I’m here. I have a wife, son and two grandchildren.

For fun, I like watching the NBA. I love it. Right now, my favourite team is the Golden State Warriors. I used to like the Lakers but since Kobe (Bryant) is gone, I changed.

This is my last year in Canada. I’m going to turn 65. I could have stayed home this year but I decided to work one more year. I’ll be eligible for a pension when I retire. I’m looking forward to that. That is a great opportunity.  It’ll be wonderful to stay home with my family. I’ll keep doing my own farm to keep me busy.