male farm worker driving machine

Meet Kunanon, Temporary Foreign Worker from Thailand

I have been working in Canada for eight years. My first year in Canada was in 2013. My job as a farmworker includes picking and packing strawberries.

I am happy to be here because I have a great boss and coworkers. The boss is very kind to us, and the team is really strong. That makes me proud.

I decided to work in Canada because finding a job in Thailand is hard. I got the news about the farm in Canada looking for workers. I took the opportunity, and I’m really happy to work here. Working in Canada gives us the opportunity to make money to support our family in Thailand.

Back home, I have six siblings. Our parents have passed away. I am also married and have two kids, one boy and one girl, and they are both studying. My main purpose here is to make money to support their education.

I love to fish in my free time. Sometimes, I visit my friends in another greenhouse. Thank you to my boss for giving me the job and to everyone who allowed me to work in Canada, too.