Thai farm worker poses for camera

Meet Kim, Temporary Foreign Worker from Thailand

Working in Canada, I can earn more money, and the weather is more appealing. Thailand is very hot!

I planned to work in Canada; it was the first place that I wanted to come to work. My cousin was working here and recommended that I come to work with him, and I said yes right away. I feel really happy that the program can help people and not cost any money from us. I’m confident being here; my cousin had experienced the program before me.

Thai people are hard workers. We’re here to make and save money for a better life in our home country. We are intending to do our best and help the company be successful.

At home in Thailand, I have a younger sister, and my family has a small farm. We grow cassava, long beans and corn. I am married but have no kids yet.

In my free time, I go fishing and join the Thai community at the new Thai temple at Thamesville. I also listen to music, watch TV and play guitar. For me, that is relaxing after work.