male farm worker smiling for camera

Meet Juan, Seasonal Agriculture Worker from Mexico

I have been coming to Canada for five years to work growing potatoes. Coming to Canada makes a huge difference for us. We would never have the opportunity in Mexico to make what we can here in eight months. It is nice to see my table at home full of food and to see my wife happy. It is tough to stay away from the family for eight months. My boss says that we are working hard here at the farm. For us, this is different work than back home in Mexico, so this feels like much easier work for us.

Using WhatsApp to communicate with my family helps it to feel like they are closer; it feels much more natural to talk to them this way. If anyone is sick in the house at home, we have a video conversation to see how they are doing, and it makes things a lot easier for us here.

I love all the technology that we have to help us work. I am a farmer in Mexico, but what we have is simple, nothing like in Canada. My boss also asked me what I enjoyed most about Canada. I told him that I like to learn. The more he can show me and the more experience he can give me with equipment, the better for us. This allows us to have a career. Everything now is about technology, and this farm uses a lot of technology. This is an awesome part of the job. I am thankful to have a boss helping us learn and grow.

At home, I have a small coffee farm. The price of coffee is down now, so we are switching between growing coffee and beef.

I like to learn and focus on my English when I’m not working. I like to practice. I play the guitar, not much, but I like it. My hope is that my future includes a little farm with good equipment and being able to help my kids finish college. I hope to have a good career.