farm worker poses for camera

Meet Joseph, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

My Name is Joseph Alexander, and I am one of the seasonal workers from Jamaica. I have been coming to Canada for 31 seasons. I worked in tobacco for 10 seasons, vegetables for one and all the other seasons in fruits.

I’ve been on this farm every year since 2002, except for 2020, the Covid year.

Growing up in Jamaica, I saw others travel for the program, and I really saw the improvement when they returned. That gave me the push that if I got a chance, I would try it. The program has really been very helpful for me.

My immediate family back home is my wife and son. Still, my family is also my mom, my four brothers and two sisters, nieces and nephews, my church family and friends. My family all looks to me coming to Canada and returning home. This program does not just put food on my table; it also puts food on many other tables, and we are grateful for that.

My bosses have been there for us through thick and thin. You can go to them with any problem; wherever help is possible, they do it willingly, including supporting me every step of the way through a diagnosed illness.

In Vineland, the Southridge Church and the CWOP (Caribbean Workers Outreach Program) have been there for us over the years for church services and sightseeing, which has encouraged us. I am a born-again Christian, so anything about church is fun! In my spare time, I find someone that needs someone to talk to and encourage them. Over the years, people have been doing that for me, so if I can pass it on, I’m willing to do that.