male worker standing on the side of a tractor

Meet Jesús, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

I have been coming to Canada for twenty years since 2001 and I came here to this farm in 2005. It is a farm that I like because the work is very nice. When I arrived back then for work, I picked strawberries, cut asparagus, pruned blueberries, cut green beans and picked peas. As time passed, I started to drive the tractor and now my job is to prepare the ground, spray, irrigate and all the things that can be done.

My work changed here because I think I have put a lot of effort into it. I have learned many things driving the tractor and I really like to do the work I am doing.

I got into the program because there is a need you have as a Mexican. The program helps a lot because it is a little more money that you earn. In terms of work here there are more work opportunities than in Mexico. Now, thanks to God with the work I do, I have my children studying in university. I have two children and I like the work.

When I return to Mexico, I try to spend more time with my family, to be with them, my children and my wife. When I am home, I work very little because it is more like a break because I come here for eight months and I work every day.

I like the cold in Canada. I really liked the snow because I had never seen snow. In Mexico, it is pure heat. I like the people in Canada, they are very respectful and more than anything, I enjoy the work.

My favourite food grown here on the farm is the asparagus.