apple grower standing in orchard

Meet Greg, Fruit Grower at Ardiel Acres

We grow lots of apples here, a few grapes and pears. My favourite variety of apples would be Gala; they are nice to grow, nice to store, and nice to sell.

I have many fond memories of growing up with these men and workers on the farm. I watched them when I was young, talked with them, and heard their stories over the years. I have even more fond memories of getting to work with them while getting to know them better. They have shared what their lives are like back home. They are an integral part of our farming operation and every horticulture farming operation.

The workers are an absolutely fantastic group of guys who are happy to be here and happy to come to work. They treat the farm like it’s their own. They look after equipment like it’s their own. Some of them won’t even let you use their equipment, and it’s really neat to see the energy level they put into it and their commitment. They’re just as excited to get a new piece of equipment when it comes in as we are. They love to use it, learn about it, and look after it.