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Meet Gerardo, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

My name is Gerardo Gutiérrez Medina. I am from Mexico from the state of Morelos. Canada has given me the opportunity to come, I think about 19 or 20 years. I am the longest working employee here.

I have seen a lot of changes since I started. At work we are happy if there is a good production, but sometimes God makes it too cold. It is all a process. Everything needs to be good to get good production.

Where I come from my wife is a nurse. She helps me in that way and I help by coming here to improve the life for our children and our family. We have one grandson. I talk to my family every day.

On my day off, I cook my meals for the rest of the week and I also take some time to go out on my bicycle.

I thank God and the boss who has kept me working here. I am also thankful for the opportunity that Canada has given me to be here.