farm worker poses for camera

Meet Fitzroy, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

I am Fitzroy Brooks, I am from Siloah District, St Elizabeth, Jamaica. I have worked here for 22 years.

We do not live in a bunkhouse. We live in a house, just like we would live in in Jamaica. Everything is clean and proper. We have one person in each room and everything we need to keep us comfortable. It is just down the road from the farm, only a short bike ride to work.

On the farm, I enjoy doing everything, and I love multi-tasking. I drive tractors and help with pruning, thinning, and most everything on the farm.

Being in Canada is a nice experience; you meet friends and go out, but Jamaica is my home of choice. I go back and forth, but Jamaica is my home. When I am at home, I do construction.

I’ve been married for 13 years; I have one son, who’s nine. They are comfortable, just like I am. My idea of fun is to sit down when I come home from work and spend time with my family.