male migrant worker smiling for camera while holding flats

Meet Filimon, Seasonal Agriculture Worker from Mexico

My name is Filimon Barron. I come from near Mexico City and I’ve been coming here for close to 20 years – 15 years on this farm.  The economy in Mexico is very bad. For this reason, I am coming here. I come in April – sometimes the first week and sometimes the last. I go home in November.

My family is good. I have four children – two sons and two daughters. I talk to them every day. They are sad when I come here. I’m a little sad too because it’s a long time here without my family – and for them too. But in Canada, everything is good. There are very good people and this is a very good place. Most important is that there are very good people, everywhere.

I pick strawberries and do different jobs. Almost every day, there is a different job – picking corn, lettuce and other products. For fun, I watch TV. Sometimes we go to play soccer and visit people.