father and son migrant workers pose for camera in grape orchard

Meet Filberto and German Magin, Seasonal Agricultural Workers from Mexico

Filiberto: I am Filliberto Magin Alvarado, from the state of Veracruz. I have been coming to Canada for 16 seasons already and I have been on this farm for 11 seasons. My son now comes with me for four years now. The boss has given me the opportunity to bring my son here to work. I thought it was very kind and thanks to the boss for having my son here, especially when things are a little difficult back home.  Also, for him to learn how it is to work here in Canada.  He already has two children.  He comes to earn money to support his family back home.

In Mexico, we grow coffee. That is what we do for living, coffee.  All the little things we do helps to support us and survive.  Also, we were given the opportunity to come here to work and with that our life has improved a little bit more.  Farming, the family, being here in Canada, everything helps us a little.

What do I like about Canada? Breathing… the environment is healthier, in Mexico there is a little more… how do you say? Smog. It is nice here, the trees, I do not know.  It is a little bit nicer and healthier.

German: I am Germán Magín López. I have been in the program for five years and I have been four years on this farm, working with my dad. To be honest, it wasn’t an easy decision because of my family. I have two children – two boys – and my wife.

On this farm, we sow the plants, first we prune them, we tie the vines and we remove the leaves.

For fun, I like to go out on my bike or go for a walk by the river bank.