male farm worker standing in warehouse facility

Meet Fermin, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

My name is Fermin Hernandez Lais. I have two sons, my oldest, Gerardo, is 27, and my younger son David is 20. I am so proud that Gerardo finished school this month for engineering and David has just finished school. I have worked here in Canada for 20 years and at this potato farm for the last five years. My 20 years include working at two others farms in Ontario and Quebec. I am happy to have work here for eight months of the year, but it is hard to leave my family for that much time.

At home, I have a small property and a small farm. We raise beef, and we grow lemons, bananas, and oranges. We have enough for our family, and when we have a lot of extra fruit, we sell it.

When I started working here, I spent my time outside working in the fields. Now I work in the processing area inside, chipping potatoes. I am happy anywhere, but I love technology and have learned many new skills in both places. I now can operate the large harvesting equipment in the fields and am grateful for this opportunity from my foreman.

I like playing basketball and soccer and also enjoy swimming. I am a man who enjoys working hard.

I want to thank Canadians for the work that provides the opportunity to support my family in Mexico.