farm workers smiles for camera

Meet Evaristo, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

I was told about the worker program by some friends back in Mexico. Years passed before they started promoting it in the state of Veracruz (where I am from) but when they did, I joined. Now I have been coming here 23 years and I have been all over Canada. I have been coming to this farm  for eight seasons.

At home I have my aunt and my partner, Alicia. We have a small farm at home in Mexico where I grow coffee and corn and I also take care of cattle. When I am not there, Alicia is taking care of it.

Right now at the farm in Canada we are harvesting cilantro but, for example in January, when we arrived, we packed potatoes and onions. At this farm we also have a soccer team! We were not a lot, we were 11 members in total but we made a team and we had a lot of fun. Back in Veracruz, I used to play like this at times, with my friends, so it is good, it is fun for me. Before this team I didn’t play anymore, the last time I played was actually in 2014 in Manitoba. This year we played in a soccer tournament, I played defense, it was fun but I was a little tired and sore after.

Something I would say Canadians should know that… that we (the migrant workers) are willing to work. I’d say, we are here to help in whatever they need within our reach.