male migrant worker smiling for camera in farm field

Meet Esteban, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

My name is Esteban Solís. I come from the state of Durango and we come here to Canada to work.

I have been coming to Canada for eight years. I came so my family can have a better life and for my children to get ahead.

In Mexico, I work in the field in agriculture, planting corn, wheat, and oats.

I have a wife, her name is Claudia Jasmine. I have three children, two little girls and one boy. I communicate with my family every day. Coming to Canada was a tough decision for my wife and I to make because you miss birthdays as your children grow up, you miss so many things, everything. It is a bit difficult.

Here, we mostly come to work the grapes from pruning to harvesting. That is what we have to do here to help the boss. What I like the most here in Canada is its landscape, its people, everything is nice. When we are not working, I enjoy hanging out with my coworkers and going out. I am looking forward to going back to be with my family when we finish.