migrant worker holding greenhouse tomatoes

Meet Errol, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

I am a crop worker and cut tomatoes. I’ve been doing this now for seven years. It is a very good environment to work in, we meet a lot of different people from Thai and Jamaica, and we have a good relationship.

I am a carpenter back in Jamaica. It is a very good job, but Canada is very nice, and I love Canada. I don’t love the cold, but I do love Canada and I would love to live here someday.

The future looks good because I’ve been coming here for 16 years, and I can see the benefits that I have achieved because of these 16 years.

I have a wife and four beautiful kids, two boys and two girls. I’ve been married for 27 years. My wife works at the post office. My first son just finished university and is an electrical engineer. My second son does mechanical work and music. My third child, my daughter is 21 and unfortunately her brain is damaged because of Meningitis. She is my joy and is everything to me, I love her. My last daughter is still going to school, she is 14.

I love to cook, and I love to listen to music. I love cricket, so we have a team sometimes and I play a little. I enjoy cooking for the guys sometimes. I cook and everyone sits and eats. I love listening to music, Jamaicans love music.