male migrant worker smiling for camera in farm field

Meet Ermel, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

My name is Ermel Colli. I come from the state of Yucatán. I have been coming to Canada for two years to work. I came here to improve the life of my family.

I have three children. One is studying accounting, another is in high school and the other is in elementary school in second grade.

I had applied twice to be eligible for the farm worker program before I was accepted. The first year I came here to Canada, I arrived on March 10 and I left on October 9.

The best part of working in Canada is working in the fields. I like being able to learn, to learn a little more about the work in the field.

In Mexico, I do the same work that I do here, in the field. I work in the habanero pepper and tomato harvest.

When I’m not working, I like to go out to visit other places here and enjoy going out with my friends.