farm employee smiles for camera while holding apples

Meet Dykelon, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

My name is Dykelon Murray – but everyone calls me Murray. I’ve been coming to Canada for 22 years; 15 years at this farm. I decided to come here to help my family back home and to help myself. On this farm, I drive the equipment, I do all the spraying of the farm. I help with the pruning. Canadians should know that we work hard. Very hard.

Back home, I used to do trade work – build furniture, doors, kitchen cupboards and other things.

I have three kids – two girls and a boy. They’re 31, 26 and 13. I have two grandchildren from my son and daughter. My wife is Stephanie. We’ve been married 30 some years. She does dress making and she raises a few chickens and some pigs to keep occupied.

Canada is a clean, nice country. Quiet.

I’ve been here since March and will go home in two weeks. I’m excited to get home to my family.