male employee smiling for camera in apple orchard

Meet Delroy, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

My name is Delroy Martin, and I am from St. Thomas, Jamaica. I came to this farm 33 years ago; I was young, always wanting to work.

I’ve seen changes while I’ve lived in Canada. The first thing would be that it’s not as cold as it used to be. When I first started, it was real, real cold. Canada isn’t that cold anymore, and the work is getting much easier. The trees are much smaller and easier to handle.

I’ve got four grandkids, two boys and one girl. I have lived with my girlfriend for the last 37 years. Her name is Annet Graham, and I talk to her every day. When I first started coming to Canada, I couldn’t do that, but now we can connect daily. It was a sacrifice to leave, but it really worked. The greatest thing when making a sacrifice is to see that it worked and life is easier because you made that decision.

The program has allowed me to build my house, afford a car, and send my kids to school, and I will receive a pension a couple of years down the line, which is great.

When I finish working here, I will always hold my head high and say I was proud to work in Canada.