farm employee smiling for camera

Meet Chrishaine, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

I’m Chrishaine Gowdie and I’m from Manchester, Jamaica. I’ve been comi­­ng to Canada and this farm for seven years. I came here just to make life a little better for my family back home. I pick apples and grapes, prune and other stuff. I do construction when I go back home for the winter.

I have a nice little family back home. I have my wife Patricia, my son Tyshane and step daughter Abby. I have my mom, brother and sister and father back home. I talk to them every day. Patricia’s a practical nurse. She works very hard.

She understands why I come here. It was a big decision for us to make. It’s the time – seven months or eight months that I’m away – but otherwise it’s OK. Working here has helped me in lots of ways – like building a house.

When we’re not working, the other guys and I like playing music and having fun in the house. We like playing dominos too.

What should Canadians know about us? That we’re hardworking guys.