male farm employee standing in apple orchard

Meet Chaplin, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

My name is Chaplin White, and I am from Troy in Trelawny, Jamaica. This is my fifteenth time coming to Canada on this program. I started this program for a better life. Back home, I do farming. I plant yams, bananas, and plantains and raise livestock like cows and goats.

At home, I have my beautiful wife of 12 years, Tomoya, and my children. I have five children.

I like this program, it offers me an opportunity to assist in my children’s upbringing and welfare, and I can send them to a good school. I want to give them a better education than I had.

In Canada, I like to see the trees change their colours. Sometimes I like the cool temperatures, but not too cold. When it is hot here, it is terrible. I don’t like that part of Canada. I want Canadians to know that we are dedicated to what we do; I don’t think Canadians always appreciate the work we do.