male migrant worker smiling for camera in farm field

Meet Celso, Seasonal Agricultural from Mexico

My name is Celso Alvarado Ibarra and I come from the state of Querétaro. I have been coming to Canada for four years and this is my first year on this farm.

I have a seven-year-old baby and my wife is a nurse. I am very proud of my wife. Thanks to working here in Canada, our family has been able to get ahead. This work gives our family a better future.

Here, I do the pruning. As I mentioned before this is my first year, so for now I am doing the pruning and maintaining the fruit, the grapes. I enjoy seeing how the plants grow. The most beautiful thing about working here in Canada is to see how the fruit is growing. The plants are surprising, at first they look like dry sticks and suddenly they become beautiful.

The process that we need to go through to come to Canada includes a medical test, health test and also a practical test about what we know in agriculture. Everything that we know about how to work, we get tested on that. If we do not pass, it is a barrier to come here or at that moment they tell you that you are not a good fit. I was approved on the first try and every year we have to go through the same process.