male migrant worker posing in greenhouse

Meet Bunjong, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Thailand

My name is Bunjong Jitthai. I work for Truly Green Farms. I’ve been here for two and a half years. My jobs are lowering and deleafing the tomato plants.

Working in Canada is a good opportunity for me to make money to support my family back home. My plan is to buy land in Thailand, build a house and a cattle farm and support my family monthly.

I really have fun working with foreign friends from Jamaica and Canada and people from Thailand. I learn about the Canadian culture and the difference in culture between Canadian and Asian countries. In Thailand, we don’t have a snow and have different weather.

I worked as a farmer and general employee back home. My plan is to make money to build my own business back home. A cattle farm, open a local store and stay with my family.