male seasonal agricultural worker sitting in tractor

Meet Antonio, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

My name is Antonio Copalcua Vásquez and I am from Mexico. Here my job is to load and unload the trucks arriving. Fruit, vegetables, everything, I put them in refrigerators to keep them fresh and good.

I have been in this program for 22 years and on this farm 13 seasons.

In my country there is not much work. I had the opportunity to enter this program which is the SAWP.  We come here looking for a better quality of life for our children. This also allows us to provide them with a better education and that is why we are here. We have this opportunity thanks to the employers for bringing us to work here and I am grateful for them.

About three years ago I had a health problem. I told my employer about my problem and he was the one who supported me, helped me and took me to the hospital. Through this program we are able to access health care. They gave me treatment and thanks to God, I am fine, healthy and very grateful.

I have a wife and three children. My children are studying. I have a daughter who finished university and now I have two others children who are still in university.  They are giving it all and that is why we are also giving it all for them.

Canada is a great country. It has very nice things, very pretty things, many beautiful places and good work. The weather is variable, but it can be handled and it is very beautiful here.

We have a good working environment here.  We have many countrymen working here with us. There are also Canadian people that we work with here together. Sometimes it is a little difficult to communicate with them, because of the language. We are giving it all and we are trying to learn English to understand each other.