Jamaican worker standing in vineyard

Meet Adam, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

I am Adam Arboine from Jamaica, I have been coming to Canada for 22 years. I was working in landscaping in Jamaica and a member of the Ministry (of Labour) came by and said to us we should come to Canada to make money and he introduced me to the program (Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program).

When I first found out I got into the program I was so happy. My wife actually got the call because I was at work. She said, “when you finish work you must come straight home” and I was wondering ‘oh no, what is it now?’ She said “a call came in for you and you need to go by the Ministry and arrange a flight.” I had been waiting for so long for that call.

When I came to Canada all the people around me were strange, it was just me alone that travelled from the airport to here but when I got here and met my fellow coworkers it was alright. I blended right in.

Here at the farm we plant, prune, tie and harvest grapes. Some of the days in the summer are a little long but usually it’s not too bad. I’ve never thought about living in Canada. I love coming here but I love it back home so I prefer to come and then go back home. I talk to my family every day, whenever I get a chance.

My wife Marcia is a hard working lady. She is always helps with everything that I’m doing or planning. We have two daughters; one is an accounting supervisor at a bank and the other works with the Ministry. I also have a six year old grandson. For fun, we like to go on little family trips.