Ontario migrant farm worker inside a greenhouse

Marino, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

I’m Marino and I come from the state of Puebla in Mexico. I’ve been coming for eight seasons to three farms. This is my first year at this greenhouse.

I really like the culture here in Canada and the people. People know that we come to contribute a lot to the economy, but also the people here give us a lot. Our lives have changed a lot because of this in Mexico and not only in Mexico, but also in other Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras.

For me personally, my life and the lives of my children has changed a lot because I work here. In the end, all of this is for their future.

My family gets very sad when I come. Nowadays there is a lot of technology available, to make a video call, to be more connected. It is a little better than before but it is still very sad for them and for us. I think everyone here really misses their family. We try to be strong because of the need for work and a little extra money. Our economic situation is better than being in Mexico.

I am grateful to Canada and to the employers who have actually contributed a lot to Mexico and Central America. As I repeat, for all of us, much has changed in our lives and even more for the future of our children. The people of Canada are very good and they have a very nice culture in every way.