Migrant worker smiles at camera, standing in front of greenhouse

Marco Antonio, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Mexico

I am Marco Antonio and I come from Mexico.  I have been working here in Canada for 20 seasons and at DC Farms for 13 seasons.  Everything is fine, comfortable, and I am very happy.

When I first came here from Mexico, it was a little sad for my family, to leave them alone, to stop seeing each other for a season.  On my return, my family is always very happy.  We communicate by video call when we are far apart and while it is not the same as being in person, we talk a lot when we are separated.  What I earn here is invested in Mexico and helps provide economic stability for my whole family.

Back home, I am an agricultural worker.  I also work in the fields with corn, oats, beans and wheat. My job here at DC Farm is to work with the tomatoes.

Thank you to the Canadians who let us into their country.  I am happy and I like the Canadian culture for giving us the opportunity to work here.  In Mexico, there are not these kinds of opportunities and here I am very happy.

Marco Antonio, Seasonal Agriculture Worker from Mexico, working at DC Farms