migrant worker standing in farm field smiling for the camera

Keron, Seasonal Agricultural Worker from Jamaica

My name is Keron and I come from the great land of Jamaica – the land of sun and water! I’ve been coming here for nine years. Our MP distributed some information on the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and I applied. There’s always more people apply than get chosen so I was glad to get chosen.

I like working on this broccoli farm. Canada’s a very nice country. It’s got a nice environment and it’s clean but it’s too cold! The people are honest and hardworking and everyone’s OK. I work as a lead hand here. I help plant and harvest and serve as a supervisor in the field. If anyone’s experiencing trouble, I’m there to help.

I’ve got two children, a son aged 14 and a daughter 10. No one ever wants to leave their family and it was hard coming here at first but you have to sacrifice something to get something. Now, we’re all kind of used to it.

For fun, I like to exercise. I ride a bike and enjoy going for walks.