Migrant worker standing in a greenhouse

Julio, Temporary Foreign Worker from Guatemala

My name is Julio Polanco.  I am from Guatemala. I came in December 2015 to this greenhouse called Nature Fresh through a foundation in my community.  In Guatemala, there is very little work, it is very scarce and sometimes when there is work it is poorly paid.  In Guatemala I have done a lot of different jobs, from a car battery workshop, pig farm, in the fields working with tomatoes, a rose greenhouse, packaging beans, peas, lettuce and in construction.  I have worked as security guard, too.

My wife used to say to me, “I want to work, I want to help you also with work, so you do not have to travel anymore”. But because I am working here, my wife has been able to go back to school. After three years of studying, she is now a nurse. I am so proud of her, of myself and of my daughter who is 7. My wife now earns more and we are able to send my daughter to a good school where she will receive a good education which will help her when she grows up.

I am very grateful – first to God and then to Nature Fresh. Thanks to the work that I have here, I have a better life. I feel good. I feel happy. I feel that it is a very good company and I am very grateful.

I like to go fishing, go biking and play soccer but I do not play anymore because 2 years ago I had a fracture.  I like to read and listen to music.